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Art Fair, Winter Shows & Image Licenses

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

It has been an incredibly busy few months, which is why I have not blogged in a while. Back in June I set myself to create 26 new quality paintings ranging from 8x8" to 39.5x39.5". Quite a plan which I knew would need adjusting as I went. I was doing really well, and had to prioritise the paintings for each of the 3 events they were being painted for:

♥ 4-6 paintings for Cambridge Contemporary Art for their Winter Show.

♥ 10 paintings Blue Tree Gallery in York for their Winter Show

♥ 10 paintings for Art Fair East event in Norwich, Norfolk

A spanner was thrown in the works in the Summer - Murphy's Law! My husband took ill with a very nasty perforated appendix and had to have emergency during the night. Fortunately he was lucky and came through well. As you can imagine I had to take time off to care for him, let alone the stress! But I got back on track, and now after 5 months I have achieved my goal. At this moment, I have paintings in mixed status. 4 paintings were delivered to Cambridge last week (their show starts this week until January 2020), 3 paintings left to hang and wrap ready for York (their show runs end of November until mid January 2020), and all paintings done, except 1, ready to be prepared for hanging and packing for Art Fair East 29 Nov - 1 Dec.

I will be at Art Fair East in person as I am showing with Laura Beardsell-Mooore. We have teamed up to collaborate in a project entitled, 'in:quietude' Our work explores the natural world and the fine balance between the peace and serenity it can offer people (quietude) and the disturbance and destruction that people have on it (inquietude). It is this fragile, ambiguous relationship and the sense of transience and impermanence in the world around us that drives our desire to capture what we experience in our paintings. The results explore seasons, rhythm, growth and temporality and we hope our paintings will encourage people to connect more deeply with the natural world.

I have also been working on 15 new acrylic paintings on paper for the browser at the event. Happily this means there will be about 25 affordable unframed paintings for sale too.

I have also been approached by two separate companies to license my artworks. Firstly and lovely friend of mine, Dale Darley (an author in Spain) approached me to ask if she could use some of my painting images as book covers. I am delighted to say that Dale chose six of my works to feature on the front of her new journaling books

"Colouring mandalas and journaling are a powerful way to connect to the inner you," says Dale, who is a Welsh author now living in Southern Spain. You can buy her lovely journals at

Then secondly a greeting card company approached me to use several painting images on their cards. At this moment I cannot reveal who they are, but they have sent me samples of my images on their cards and they look super so I am very pleased.

It has been so busy and eventful this last summer I have decided to take most of December off. I feel I need to do some self-care, make Christmas presents and spend some quality time with my husband. And the crazy dog!

As always, thank you for reading and for your continued support. I love the connections I have made on Instagram. Come find me!


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