Joy in Collaboration

Collaboration in a project is a precious thing. One has to be able to work with the people involved! I am fortunate to be friends Dale Darley. We first met when she was living in Wales, and now she lives in the mountains in Spain being the author she always wanted to be. We are no stranger to Skype and Zoom calls either and over the years we have talked regularly. I have visited her in Spain a few times and have been inspired to paint the beautiful landscape where she lives.

We have talked about putting our skills together in a new book for a long while now, and I am happy to say we have finalised the project and it's production is coming along fast.

I mentioned this in my blog all last time, but as it was still early days I wasn't able to share much with you, but now I can tease you with a little sneak preview of some of the work in progress...

The project is a Chakra Oracle book and deck of cards that inspires a deeper exploration into our purpose in life through discovery and action. The cards and accompanying book intend to give the reader a better understanding of who they are and where they want to go by examining their whole being from a strong foundation to the beginnings of enlightenment.

I have approached the illustrations for the book using both hands-on painting and digital design. I have found that layering up the paintings with other digital components creates just the right combination to depict the themes in the book. At the moment, everything has only passed the first draft, so these are very much works in progress, but here is one from each Chakra for you to see:

At the moment we have 68 images for the book and deck of cards. This may expand, we won't know until Dale has drafted the whole book. We do, however, aim to have this available to buy sometime in 2021. Just in time for people to start looking ahead to forge a new path in a changed world.

In the next blog I will have a link for you to follow to be put on a list so you can be the first to know when it is published and available to buy.

Until then, enjoy the new signs of Spring that come each day now,

Keep creative

Debs x


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