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The Wildwood Awakens

Updated: Dec 13, 2023


Let me introduce you to a new painting or two...

First up is "The Wildwood Awakens"

Deborah Burrow, Painting, The Wildwood Awakens
The Wildwood Awakens ©Deborah Burrow

This painting is inspired by a walk I took many years ago at Alton Water in Suffolk. Using the photograph as a guide I designed a painting that celebrated the feeling you get as you walk towards a sunlit clearing up ahead, and then incorporated my love for texture and lines. The lines are a recent addition to my paintings just this year - they signify the movement of the landscape and the secret lives of the hidden wildlife that goes on around us. The lines moving from one side to the other reminds you that it is just a snapshot and more magic lies beyond the scene you see before you.

"The Wildwood Awakens" is painted on a 30x30cm cradled birch panel, ready to hang, and will be available to buy in the shop soon. You can buy a print of it now at

I spent September looking over photographs I'd taken over the years to find inspiration for new paintings. I found two that I really loved because of the way the light featured in the landscapes. You may have heard that certain times of the day give the best light effects (the "golden hour" being the most revered), and I wanted to experiment a bit more. The two photos I found that resonated with me the most had quite an effect on me because I immediately recalled being so struck by the light when I took them.

The second photo I found has inspired a new painting that I haven't started yet, but it's next on the easel. It was taken on a riverside walk at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

The other paintings hot off the easel are these little gems:

These were inspired by a series I painted a few years ago. I decided to paint four more ready for the winter season because they bring me so much joy to do. I am fascinated with the way that wildlife copes with the seasons and how they seek shelter/hibernate/feed. Our native wildlife is so vulnerable, and yet conversely so tough. Their survival is dependant on the wild landscapes being untouched or unpolluted by human activity, and yet somehow the most resilient can thrive in urban environments. So fascinating!

These little paintings are on cradled birch panels approx 10x10cm, (free standing or hang), and will be ready to buy in the shop soon.

In other news, I am still planning courses for Udemy and free lessons for YouTube. 2023 has been a bit unkind to me as other challenges in life have got in the way of my work as an artist. Sometimes it has felt like I'll never get back to the studio full time, but as my husband says, "With a job you love you'll never really retire and so time is on your side". I hope so because I have lots of things I still think about and can't wait to start!

On that note, I'd better go and get these new paintings varnished!

Until next time,


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