Acrylic and mixed media on cradled wood panel 40x40cm.


Imagine walking along a path in the countryside being greeted by a little group of blackbirds in and around a pair of trees. They are clearly all engaged with one another - if only we could eavesdrop of their conversation!


The 38mm deep sides are painted a very dark contemporary brown, almost black. The painting hangs flush to the wall and doesn't need to be framed.


Please note that whilst every effort has been made to make the online photo as close a representation to the original painting as possible, due to differing computer screen calibrations, light and photographing the overall colour may differ slightly in real life.


Any questions? Please ask.

Five Blackbirds

  • This painting has been sealed with a varnish so that the textural surface doesn't become stained with dust and dirt over the years. To clean it, I recommend a lint free cloth to dust the sides and a soft (like a large make-up brush) to dust the surface of the painting.