Did you know...?

Being creative is holistically beneficial,
having positive effects on physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.
Not only do the workshop attendees feel better for it, but so do I, and 
all the teaching, learning and achieving
in friendly sessions really lifts the spirits!

Workshops and Demonstrations

I enjoy teaching painting techniques that I use in my own art practice,
and I'm often requested to do demonstrations and workshops such as:

  • acrylic painting, interpretation of a scene, use of colour
    and creating texture using tissue paper, texture mediums and more


  • sketching on location (all pencil and water based mediums) 

  • colour, special effects and texture in watercolour painting

  • dramatic tonal painting using just black and white
    on pre-tinted paper/canvas board (watercolour or acrylic)

I also sometimes team up with fellow artist Laura Beardsell-Moore to run a weekend painting retreat.
We find that putting our expertise together in one course gives our clients
a fantastic and enjoyable weekend to concentrate on

learning and practicing techniques in a relaxed environment.

My Online Tutorials

You can find courses for FREE on Udemy.com including:

The Magic of Colour Mixing in Acrylic


Creative Watercolours for Beginners


Creative Watercolours for Near Beginners