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The #artistsupportpledge has been going on since the early days of the Covid19 pandemic on instagram, and I have now decided to take part in this amazing online event.

It all came about as the result of the Covid19 pandemic, and the effect it had on artists and makers' livelihoods. The pledge is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of ALL artists and makers. Artists post pictures of their works for sale (on instagram) for no more than £200 (plus postage). Everytime an artist makes £1,000 in sales they commit 20% on purchasing the work of another artist using the hashtag. There are no enforcements, it is a system based on trust where everyone, at every level can contribute in supporting artists and makers.

This amazing culture is directed by British painter Matthew Burrows MBE

The pandemic has affected us all for such a long time now, and for the foreseeable future will affect our lives in many ways. With this in mind, and in the run up to Christmas, I thought that it was time for me to offer my artworks up to the wider public and at the same time contribute to the movement of artists and makers supporting each other through these tough times.

You can follow me on instagram HERE

Here are some of the paintings available right now. I will be adding new works over the coming weeks.

You can find these on my website right now HERE

Meanwhile I am enjoying the autumn sunshine on good weather days and I am starting to think about how Christmas will be for us this year. It looks as though it will be just me, my husband and the dog here at home, with a socially distanced walk in the park with other members of the family on the day. We have to make the most of what we can do and be thankful for the people we love and how we can make our homes cosy and comfortable.

I dare say there will be some warming Christmas tipples and nourishing nibbles too...

Keep well and safe,


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