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Autumnal Vibes

Hi everyone.

As we now get closer to winter with the clock and seasonal changes, I am reminded of how we need to cozy up into our snuggly blankets and cuddle our pets and loved ones in the dark evenings. For me it's all about feeling safe and keeping warm.

Already on my mind is how I'm going to approach 2023 as an artist. Last month I lost the remaining gallery that represented me. It's a sign of the times really. Galleries, like all of us, are thinking about how they can move forward and take into consideration all those things that keep them afloat. This particular gallery have decided to streamline and focus on a niche that doesn't accommodate my, or indeed many other artist's, work anymore. I completely understand, and the only way to see this is as an opportunity.

Sometimes not having a gallery to paint for means freedom! I can move forward not wondering if my work will fit into the gallery, but wondering how I can be brave and experiment a bit more!

That is quite exciting really, and does bring a smile to my face!

So I've decided to give myself a break until January 2023 so that ideas can form in my mind. I will think more about what inspires me and how I can take bring that to the easel in a fresh new way. At the moment I see more loose and textural landscapes, with threads of what I have painted in the past, but perhaps with less precision...? At this stage I really want to let it come to me naturally, like all good art does, and sometimes it's like a divine inspiration...

I wonder what will happen when I sit down in my studio in the New Year faced with all this blank paper / canvas / wood?

After a difficult year of personal and family health challenges, (not to mention all the UK and World issues that everyone faces), I think I want something positive to look forward to. I firmly believe things happen for a reason, and maybe this change is just what I need!

What will your New Year be like? What inspires you?

All the best

Debs x

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