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The Heartbeats Underground

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Introducing you to a brand new series and spin offs, all about life underground during the cold winter season. I have always painted landscapes with snow. I love it. Using the textures I've laid on to the surface of the painting panel, I then build up layers of colour before adding the white blanket of snow. I use warm colours under the snow to represent the life that lives underground. Because of the texture on the surface, I am able to catch the top ridges with white to leave some of the glowing colours to show through from beneath.

I've now decided to take this a little further and introduce dens into a new series with their wildlife inside. I've started with a fox sleeping in its burrow. We have fox burrows in the wild area of garden at the back of our house. We often hear them calling. It's quite active at the moment as it is mating season! I have planned another 3 paintings on this fox theme. Then I may paint the badger in its sett. The first of the fox paintings has just been completed entitled, 'The Heartbeats Underground' on 12x12" deep cradled wood panel:

The title is open to interpretation. It can be read both ways, but in order to represent all life, not just the one in the painting, I have joined the words "heart" and "beats" together.

A spin off series is also in progress entitled, 'In the Den'. These works are on 4x4" deep cradled wood panels that feature just the den and it's occupier. Here are some in progress and one completed:

This little painting will be for sale in the shop.

As I walk around the countryside during the colder months I often think of all those creatures, great and small, in their homes underground. Some are hibernating and some are sleeping during the day and become active at night. It's a wonderful thought as the landscape above can be rather grey and dismal most of the time. My favourite time is in the golden hour when the sun gives a beautiful orangey yellow glow to the trees and fields. Of course, the snow is my most treasured time, because everything becomes hushed and still. But, still life is stirring underground...

In other news, new shows have been added to the exhibitions page. More are to be announced, but in the meantime check out the lastest additions to the list. You will see that I have just become a new member of 12+Arts based right here in Suffolk, and been accepted to take part in the Secret Art Fair in Colchester. Its so nice to be showing somewhere different this year. Of course I am still represented by the Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, so I dare say I will be part of their Summer Show as usual this year.

Back with more news soon.

Debs x


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