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This Artist's Life in Lockdown

This is not a post about the depression I feel about not being able to visit family, or walk anywhere but round the block. This is not a post about the anxiety I feel when I think about nurses and doctors who are overstretched and suffering PTSD.

Even though I am experiencing all of those things and more, this is not a post about woe is me.

This is a post about the work I am managing to achieve despite these things we are all enduring. I am creative by nature and cling on to that state for dear life. I am being creative and I am really enjoying the work I am doing.

Curled up beside me is my lovely lurcher. Being half whippet she loves the warmth of the radiator and the comfort of the sofa. She is gently snoring with content. It's a lovely reassuring sound!

My husband is enjoying his Sunday afternoon too, chilling out on the sofa.

So what am I doing?

As you may already know, an author friend of mine who now lives in Spain, is already using some of my painting images as covers on a few of her journals.

We talk regularly and after several discussions and plans, we finally have a project underway. We are collaborating on a new book that is coming along nicely. I am

the illustrator of the book and I am enjoy a new process to do this by combining physical hands-on artwork with digital aspects for the first time. It is not entirely new to me but this is the first time I will be using it in a professional capacity. The results so far have been successful. I just wish I could share something more with you, but at the moment I need to keep it a secret! I will, of course share more with you in due course.

As the project involves illustration, I thought I would re-share some work I did for an exhibition in 2016 entitled, "Phantasmagorical Animals". It was a new subject for me, but it really opened up some creative doors for me as I searched for relevant elements to my work.

These were the results:

These imaginative illustrations were inspired by wildlife and their environment. The fantastical elements are inspired by folklore, fairy tales and decorative design. They are fun and endearing and a reminder to always allow the creative imagination to be free. I am now working in my sketchbook conjuring up some new ideas for more - watch this space! The ones pictured above are now available as part of #artistsupportpledge .

I have illustrated hares in ink on Bristol Board before and sold those at exhibitions earlier in my career. The wildlife in Suffolk has always been an inspiration, but landscape painting became the main subject for many years in my exhibition work, until last year when I began to introduce more wildlife.

I also have a painting commission to do, a patchwork quilt to finish and a crocheted jumper to complete.

Life is never boring in my house! Relaxed and creative is my aim. In fact that is my mission - to bring calm and creative relaxation to people through my artwork and through workshops. As there are no in-person workshops in sight I have put my little crochet group online so we can crochet-along together. We all need something to help us keep our minds off the pandemic.

On that note, I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I also hope you find a way to be calmly creative in some way even if it involves making cakes to go with your cuppa!

Meanwhile, this little birdie is staying at home. Debs x

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