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Winter Exhibition

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Hello again.

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of painting activity in my studio as I have been producing new works especially for the Mixed Winter Exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary Art which starts soon and runs from 30 October to 24 December.

Autumn and winter landscapes are my favourite subjects to paint because the of colours and textures.

The winter landscapes are really peaceful, with the hush that fallen snow gives the countryside. I have painted winter scenes since I first became a professional artist in 2008, and in recent years I have also added wildlife, from birds to badgers, which evokes cosy feeling.

So this autumn I have painted two new larger landscapes and four mini paintings. All of them feature snow and wildlife:

It has been so nice to paint for an exhibition again. The last time I sent off work to appear in a gallery was last winter! The pandemic has really affected galleries, with most of them trying to catch up with previously booked shows. I am so glad Cambridge Contemporary has survived the last 18 months.

As the nights draw in now I am reminded that this time of year is for reaping the rewards of the hard work of the year's efforts. I have spent all of this year being creative, but many activities have been to help keep me sane. I find that getting creative with paint and with other mediums help with stress and anxiety - especially during the pandemic - and I have made blankets, jumpers, quilts, bags and all sorts when I'm not working as an artist. So I remind myself, that even though the exhibitions have been thin on the ground, I have still kept up with my creative life, and benefited from it!

As we move into winter, I have a plan to continue teaching online and to get crafting for my family and friends this Christmas.

With creative vibes and love



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