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All Ready to Go

Eight of my new paintings are ready to go to new homes!

I've spent the last week preparing to let these beauties go so someone else can enjoy them in their lives. They have been a joy to paint, and even the behind the scenes preparation for their sale had been enjoyable. Here are the six paintings on paper, mounted and ready to frame.

These following two paintings were painted on wood panels. They are ready to hang.

A lot goes into getting them ready - from taking high resolution photographs, documenting them, giving them titles, signing them, hand cutting mounts for paintings on paper, varnishing the paintings on wood panels, screwing on hangers, and then packing them up ready to ship. Then of course comes the digital work of loading them up to the online shop with descriptions and prices, and then writing a newsletter and now the blog to accompany their launch.

I love my job, but it often surprises me that all that prep can take as long or even longer than it took to paint!! That's why professional artists charge a healthy amount for their work. Most artists work alone and have to be their own creator, manager, secretary, office assistant and sales and marketing body! I personally wouldn't have it any other way - I'm happy working to my own schedule!

So, have a browse in shop and grab yourself a little treat/bargain while you're at it! Any questions? You can contact me here.

I'll sign off now and get ready for my birthday - 52 this year and loving my arty life more than ever. I'll be back in the studio very soon to create some more wild landscapes.

Bye for now.

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