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Trees are like poems

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” — Kahlil Gibran

You may have noticed that I am obsessed with painting trees in landscapes. I have talked about this many times, particularly in my last book, 'Whispers of the Landscape'.

It all started when my new artist eyes began to see the landscape differently in what seems a life-time ago now. Travelling around Suffolk on the hunt for inspiration I began to fall in love with the way that rows of trees appear in front of the rolling landscape behind them. There was an air of mystery and beckoning. Ever since I have been portraying them this way - with detailed trees in front of looser backgrounds.

As my journey with trees continued, they began to represent something more spiritual,

“I see the tree as being rooted firmly to Mother Earth and the branches reaching up into the sky and the cosmos in which we live.” (from Whispers of the Landscape).

Artworks are always better in person, and you can see my artwork throughout the Summer at the following places.

Just recently I have tasked myself with painting a shed load of new works for 3 forthcoming exhibitions this winter. This burst of new creative energy has been amazing. I'm now half way through my plan of action, and I can't help but reflect on two things. Firstly, how far I've coming since I first went professional as an artist in 2009, and secondly, just how obsessed with trees I still am!! As I am sharing new artworks I realise that I am surely known as that 'mad tree artist lady'! Still, I suppose it is marginally better that 'mad cat lady'?! I jest of course! The truth is I still love it and the galleries still love it, and my patrons still love it. I must be doing something right ☺

The creativity behind these scenes are the most challenging. I love texture and colour, and they are the foundation for these paintings. I use techniques and materials including, tissue paper, metal leaf, spattering, fibre paste, modelling paste, mica flakes, and many thin layers of paint to allow glimpses of went before. Having the knowledge of how colours mix and work beside each other is crucial.

Many people ask me how I go about painting, and what inspires me. Fortunately I am able to teach these methods too. In September I will be running the 'Unleash Your Creativity' weekend workshop again with Laura Beardsell-Moore. Click here to find out more.

If you're like me and find the recent hot summer a bit much, I'll leave you with this cooling recent painting. Feel free to contact me to ask questions ☺ All the Best, Debs x


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